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Introduction and definition

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (jaw and facial surgery) provides specialized surgical medical services related to maxillofacial diseases in jaw and facial areas.

Major treatment areas of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GWANAK DENTAL HOSPITAL are implant placement, bone tissue regeneration, oral diseases, salivary diseases, extraction of impacted tooth or wisdom tooth, oral tumor, oral cancer examination, temporomandibular surgery department, consultation on jaw and facial beauty, etc.

However, please be informed that the Gwanak branch conducts simple surgeries for outpatients (small surgeries) that can be done under local anesthesia, such as extraction of wisdom tooth or extirpation of cystoma.

Types of diseases and fields of dental treatment wisdom tooth, implant, temporo-mandibular disease, jaw and facial injuries, orofacial infections, oral cancer diagnosis, oral tumor.Types of diseases and fields of dental treatment cleft lip and palate, carnio -maxillo -facial defect, aperts crouzons, orofacial infections, jaw and facial injuries, implant placement, wisdom tooth, oral tumor, oral cancer.