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Introduction of the scaling center

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To promote oral health, the center conducts oral health examination and scaling treatment which are the basis of periodontal care.

As scaling (removing plaque) fee is assisted by the national health insurance, inquiries for appointment and visiting patients are increasing, thereby the center is established to respond to the demand of consistently growing patients who want to get scaling, shorten waiting time and provide prompt treatment.

At the scaling center, responsible staffs are available, and the center provides quality medical services by making consultation, appointment, treatment and other treatment procedures easy and quick through the appointment desk.

What is scaling?

Scaling is about removing tartar, plaque, and various coloration attached on the surface of tooth.
When food is accumulated around the teeth, it becomes hard (tartar) and is not removed anymore only by brushing the teeth, and as bacteria grows a lot as the teeth surface is rough, it causes inflammation in gingiva and a destruction of alveolar bone. Therefore, scaling is essential to prevent periodontitis.